$ 11.95

Remove resin the safe and easy way with Can-A-Wipes. Stop dipping your fingers in harsh chemicals after a day of trimming. One Can-A-Wipes towel will remove all the resin from your hands and surfaces in seconds.

And it will cut right through gardening resins stuck to your manicuring tools!

Can-A-Wipes is a wet wipe towelette which tackles heavy-duty cleaning jobs but is fortified with 4 skin conditioners used by the cosmetic industry. And, it even smells fantastic! No more harsh and flammable solvents to do your cleanup, you now have an entire clean up crew in one wipe!

Can-A-Wipes unique cleaning solution combined with its durable towelette causes grease and dirt to cling to the wipe assuring it does not transfer back to the hands or surface. The wipe lifts it off and inbeds it into the towel. CAN-A-WIPES is not any ordinary wipe!

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